About Not.email

In an age where personal data breaches are commonplace, a reliable, privacy-first, temporary email service became essential. This is where Not.email enters the scene, engineered with an unwavering dedication to user privacy.

Rooted in QRClip's ethos to simplify and fortify digital exchanges, Not.email is our response to a growing demand: transient email addresses that don’t compromise on security or ease of use.

Professionals found a trusted ally in QRClip for secure file-sharing needs. In the same spirit, Not.email streamlines email communication. It's an alternative for those wary of sharing their primary email, fearing spam or phishing. With features like end-to-end encryption (for internal messages), absence of backend storage, QR code access, and two-factor authentication, Not.email ensures you engage without lingering concerns.

In upholding QRClip's pillars of security, versatility, and convenience, Not.email embodies our relentless pursuit to shield user privacy across all digital interactions.

Not.email - proudly presented by QRClip.