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Introducing Temporary Emailing with End-to-End Encryption for Every Internal Message live inbox

Instant Email Reception

Receive emails in real-time when your inbox is open. We never store your emails, ensuring maximum security. end-to-end encrypted

Fortified User-to-User Communications

Chat with peace of mind. Our end-to-end encryption ensures that conversations remain private—even from us. security

Guarded Anonymity & Robust Security

Leverage two-factor authentication, verified emails (via SPF & DKIM), and enjoy a sanitized, no-signup experience.

Simplicity Meets Ultimate Privacy

No Registration and Absolutely Free

Dive into hassle-free email. Skip sign-ups, evade fees, and instantly enjoy a premium burner email experience.

QR Code Access

Seamlessly access your inbox with a unique QR code—no browser history footprint.

Live Inbox Assurance

Only receive emails when your temporary inbox is actively open. A real-time solution that shields you from unsolicited spam.

Zero Data Storage

After you close your inbox, emails disappear without a trace. Keep your inbox open to ensure you receive all your emails.

Flexible Expiration with Renewal Options

Choose the lifespan that suits your needs, from a swift 1-hour use to a lasting 72 hours. And if you need more time, easily renew your inbox and its alias for additional 24-hour periods.

Local Storage Option

Keep important temporary emails. Store them securely in your browser so you can access them immediately, even if you refresh or close the browser.

End-to-End Encryption

Stay confident as conversations between users stay private – invisible even to us.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Elevate your inbox security. With 2FA, guard against unauthorized access, ensuring your emails remain truly yours.

Customizable Email Aliases (Premium Feature)

Create unique, enduring email aliases that never expire. Plus, enjoy the added ability to use your custom domains for a truly personalized email experience. All of this is now live and exclusively available via the QRClip.

Mobile-Optimized PWA

Use with ease on any device, and install directly as a Progressive Web App for quick access. No app stores needed, just streamlined, on-the-go convenience.

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Have questions? Check out our FAQ below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Need help? Browse our FAQ or contact our support team for assistance. is powered by QRClip, an end-to-end encrypted file sharing service. Premium QRClip users enjoy an ad-free experience, can create long-term email aliases that never expire, and even use their own domains and custom aliases. We value your privacy and never sell your data.

Our servers deliver emails instantly to active inboxes. Inactive inboxes mean emails aren't saved—they simply vanish.

Disposable email addresses protect against spam, phishing, and ensure online anonymity. They're ideal for one-time sign-ups, testing, or whenever you want to avoid sharing your main email.

You're in the driver's seat! Set your burner emails to last anywhere from 1 to 72 hours. Need them longer? No worries! You can manually renew for another 24 hours as often as required. For those seeking permanence, through QRClip, you have the option to create email aliases that never expire. Dive deeper into these and other benefits with our premium features available through the QRClip service.

After an email expires, it becomes irretrievable, leaving no traces behind. We don't maintain any residual data, so there's nothing to erase. However, if you wish to retain the email, ensure you renew it before its expiration.

Absolutely not! Craft as many burner emails as you desire. Our commitment is to consistently provide you with secure, ephemeral email options whenever required.

Yes, but only to other users. As an added layer of privacy, communication between users is end-to-end encrypted, ensuring that even we can't access the contents.

Absolutely. While external emails arrive unencrypted as per standard protocol, we never store or access them. And, messages between users? Encrypted from end to end.

Your privacy is paramount to us. We don't retain logs or store your IP addresses, ensuring your burner email activities remain anonymous. If you choose to create your inbox using QRClip, the email will be associated with your QRClip account. However, just as with, QRClip is dedicated to upholding user privacy. For a deeper dive into QRClip's privacy practices, please refer to the QRClip privacy page.

You can get emails with attachments, but there's a 2MB cap on the total size, including attachments.

While we do not filter emails for spam, we sanitize incoming emails to mitigate risks associated with malicious content. For added security, we provide an option to open emails in a text-only format, eliminating potential risks from HTML content. Furthermore, employs strict security headers that only allow our application to connect to our designated domain and a select few servers for analytics. This measure ensures that no unauthorized external servers can interact with our platform, offering you an even more secure email experience. It's crucial to understand that no system can guarantee complete safety from all threats. If security is a priority for you, we strongly recommend opting for the text-only version and always being cautious when engaging with unfamiliar emails.

We utilize SPF and DKIM validations as advanced email security checks to verify the authenticity of every sender. While all emails are received, a banner warning will be displayed if any of these validations fail. This approach ensures that you're always informed about the genuineness of your emails and helps safeguard against spoofed messages.

Unfortunately, no. Emails exist solely client-side. If you activate persistent mode, emails remain in your browser until you opt to delete them. Without this mode, emails vanish upon browser closure or refresh.

The free version of offers:

  • Robust burner email service
  • Most of our key features

The premium version, available through QRClip, includes:

  • All features of the free version
  • Ad-free experience
  • Ability to customize email aliases, including the use of custom domains
  • Exclusive option to create email aliases that never expire

Indeed, we do! Our adept support team is ever-prepared to guide you. For assistance, please connect via the QRClip support.

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